THE GREAT GROWTH INFERNO.   Our world population of almost 7 billion cannot be fed without the vast energy inputs we have become dependent upon. If all technology above the very simplest level were abandoned tomorrow, the overwhelming majority of people (98% or more ?) would rapidly die of starvation. Although I am neither an anarchist nor a primitivist (both concepts are hopelessly vague), any worthwhile discussion of the human situation ought to address the preoccupations of such people. Few people have the courage to confront the question of human numbers. Anarchists and primitivists recently had a lively and somewhat scary debate.
MASS MEDIA MERGERS.   Excerpts from Ben Bagdikian's classic book The Media Monopoly are here and here.
INFORMATION LIBERATION.   Brian Martin is an Australian "hard science" man who did not confine himself to math and physics. He is exceptionally clear-headed and down-to-earth on topics like information liberation, the distortion of science by vested interests, and on demarchy, which is an alternative to "representative" mass democratic elections. Check this list of his online articles.
For SCIENTIFIC STUDIES OF WAR, look at Johan van der Dennen's home page. You can download his book Origin of War (1995) free of charge.
A lot of material by IVAN ILLICH is here, here and here. Mainly writings, but also audio, some of which is riveting stuff. What an electrifying speaker !
Loads of laughs about PSYCHIATRY-BABBLE are at the Thomas S Szasz Cybercenter for Liberty and Responsibility.
Dr HANNA NEWCOMBE taught me a lot. If there is going to be no way of averting a world government, then we should contemplate her summary of how it ought to function.
The GARRETT HARDIN Society has a page with links to articles by Hardin.
Environmental historian ALFRED W CROSBY keeps coming up with books on the most fascinating topics — ecological imperialism, the history of energy sources, the 1918 flu, and so on. See a list here.
THE RESOURCE SQUEEZE.   Are you irritated by half-meaningful media clichés about resources, environment and sustainabilities? For a list of solid writings on such topics, try the Brain Food Table of Contents on the website.

HISTORY AS TRANSDISCIPLINARY SCIENCE — CLIOSCIENCE AND CLIOMATHEMATICS. On page 95 of Then and Now I have a photo of Valentin Turchin and some words about him. He was a physicist-mathematician and a friend of Andrei Sakharov. When Turchin moved to the US in 1977, his son Peter was about 20 years old. Peter Turchin is now a professor of ecology, evolutionary biology and mathematics at the University of Connecticut. He is as bold and creative as his father. He is promoting cliodynamics and cliometrics — the mathematical modeling of historical dynamics. Clio is the ancient Greek muse of history. Look at Turchin’s cliodynamics site. Naturally, such studies risk being infiltrated and co-opted by opportunists of every kind, but the studies are essential.